About us

Mirango Travel is a small, innovative travel agency specializing in private tours to Vietnam. Mirango Travel is managed by Truc Ngo (Vietnamese) and Lukas Mira (Swiss) and is aimed exclusively at customers from Switzerland. We always work directly with our partners in Vietnam, whom we know well and whose quality we can guarantee. All our trips are hand designed and privately managed: you will have a private guide, private transport in good quality cars and stay in comfortable hotels (4-5*). Each of our trips is unique, we only organize trips that are tailored to your interests and travel style. We try to give our customers a picture of the country that is as authentic as possible and to avoid mass tourism as much as possible. We lived in Vietnam ourselves for a long time and know the country like no other. Thanks to our direct contacts in Vietnam, we have access to many services and activities that are denied to other travel agencies.

So far, our customers have been extremely satisfied with the tours and the professional service from Mirango Travel. Read some here Customer feedback.

For more information about the culture, life and people in Vietnam, please visit our website Facebook page.

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Truc Ngo grew up in Ho Chi Minh City. She studied English at the Ho Chi Minh University and worked for many years in an Australian travel agency in Saigon. She changed the position to administrative assistant of a board member in an international consumer goods company, and then took the job as senior Office Manager at a market research company. Truc and Lukas came closer when they had to organize a major business event together.

Lukas Mira grew up in Zurich. He studied social sciences and business administration, and worked in various companies as a market and economic researcher. In 2008, Lukas realized his dream of a big world trip and traveled for a year through Asia and the Pacific. He liked Vietnam so well that he is immediately organized a job in a local company. In 2009 he started as team leader in an Asian market research company in Ho Chi Minh City, where he stayed for almost three years and where he also met Truc Ngo.

Truc and Lukas married in 2012 and moved back to Switzerland. Their wedding was portrayed in the a major national newspaper (NZZ am Sonntag) under the section "just married". You can find the article here

How does Mirango travel to Viet Nam?
We know Vietnam very well from our own experience. Truc Ngo is Vietnamese and was raised in Saigon, Lukas Mira traveled the country extensively and lived 3 years in Saigon. We speak the language, understand the culture and have visited practically all the places. We love Vietnam, and it is our second home. We don't want you just to see the common attractions, but experience this fascinating country in a very personal way.

How do Mirango Travel's tours differ from other travel agencies' tours?
Most tour operators offer relatively standardized travel in small groups. These groups move in buses or mini-buses to the typical destinations. Many tourists are somewhat disappointed of such trips: they experience unfriendly locals, bad food, aggressive street vendors and complain about the constant rip-off. The problem is that these tours make usually about the same program, and guests arrive along with dozens of other tour buses to the typical sights. In our tours, we try to avoid this type of tourism as much as possible. Often you just need to come at an unusual time, when the tour buses are gone already. Or simply walk along the street around the corner to a local restaurant, instead of stopping at the tourist buffet. This way, you will experience a very different Vietnam: more relaxed, more friendly and way more interesting.

How does Mirango Travel select the hotels?
We book mainly featured boutique hotels or other hotels with a strong local connection (4-5 stars). These hotels tend to have excellent service, great charm and an excellent price-performance ratio. We renounce the typical 5 star chains such as Hilton and Grand Hyatt because these are much more expensive and usually lacks any reference to Vietnamese culture.

How does Mirango Travel work with local tour operators and tour guides?
We use operators and guides in Viet Nam just selected, licensed tour, what can we know and we guarantee their quality. Through this direct relation, we can offer local activities and provide insider tips, to what other agencies have no access. When the travel guides we set value, that they have grown up and are well versed in the region. Instead of having an alien throughout Viet Nam travel guide will accompany you, a local tour guide will welcome each you who knows even the side streets, and where there are the best local food.

Can Mirango Travel also arrange a German-speaking guide?
Most tourist guides in Vietnam to speak English, we can provide but also German. Prices for German-speaking guides are slightly higher, and they are usually somewhat older than the English language.

Does Mirango Travel also book return flights to Vietnam?
Yes, we also book all international flights for you. As a rule, you need an open jaw flight (outward flight to Hanoi, return flight from Saigon), which is not easy to find on the usual online portals. We recommend Singapore Airlines or Cathay Pacific, both of which are very reliable airlines with excellent connections to Vietnam. You can of course also book the flights yourself if you want, but most of the time our prices are pretty much the same as online prices.

How will Mirango Travel advise me about my Vietnam trip?
We are happy to advise you on the phone, by e-mail, or with a personal interview with you or with us. You can be inspired on our website and provide us with some ideas of your desired trip. Based on this, we will provide a proposal for an individual Vietnam trip, which we can take as a basis for further discussions.

Why are the prices for leisure travel at Mirango travel deeper than for other tour operators?
This has two reasons: firstly, we have good local contacts and speak the Vietnamese language. Thus we can obtain our services directly from local operators and we can avoid expensive agency fees from third parties. Secondly, we refrain from having an expensive storefront in Switzerland and glossy brochures, which allows us to keep our daily expenses relatively low.