The homestay was a very enriching experience, we felt like at home for one night

Teilnehmer:  Lucia Tonazzo (4 Personen)
Zeitraum: 23. Dez 2019 – 4. Januar 2020
Programm: Saigon – Mekong Delta – Hoi An – Hanoi – Halong Bay


Dear Mr. Mira,

First of all, we would like to thank you for organizing the trip; we really enjoyed it and had a great time there. All the guides and people we met there contributed to render our holiday as great as it was.

If we have to say one of the best experiences we had, we would certainly say the Saigon food tour: The guides (young students) really helped us feeling like local people and experiencing local food. Driving with a motorbike is a must thing to do there once.

The homestay has been also a very enriching experience, the family was very welcoming and we could really feel like being at home for one night.

The quality of the scarlet pearl cruise is very very high, I would certainly suggest it to other people. Importantly, also all other things that we did not mention here were also great and are thus highly recommended by us. Lunch in the Mekong delta place was simply amazing!


Suggested changes / observations:

  • Just one tour boat in Ninh binh (2 tours is a bit redundant)
  • We would suggest to put flights either in the morning or evening, so that the full day can still be enjoyed.


Thanks a lot again and happy new year!


Lucia Tonazzo